Saturday, September 8, 2007


I've never been on a blog before, so therefore, not real sure where to start. I guess something will hit me and I'll take off from there. I'm sure being in the business that I'm in, something/someone will inspire me to vent about the idiocy of other people. For now, I am in a good mood and am ready to get totally shit faced drunk tonight to celebrate my birthday.

There's a good topic....birthdays for adults. When is the age where you no longer get cool presents and like to tell people it's your birthday? My birthday presents now consist of people wanting to take me to eat. Are you saying that I'm fat? I guess so, since that's all I've really got to look forward to for birthdays. No wonder why after high school, we slowly expand in size. I think it's pretty funny myself. My presents this year were breakfast (donuts), lunch with my sister (somewhat healthy), dinner at my mom's (all fried food and cheesecake), a gift certificate for a pedicure, a night getting drunk at a bar I've never been to, and I'm going to have dinner with a friend again.
Wow, so after all the food I'll get my toes done, which at this rate I may not see after a couple of birthdays, and get so drunk, that I forget all the food I ate, and about the roll hanging over my pants from all the fried food and donuts.

Ain't getting old fun?